<transcy>Turquoise Eye Apala Bracelets</transcy>

Turquoise Eye Apala Bracelets

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Apala bracelet and its Turquoise stone


A very nice summer accessory to wear all year round but not only.

Our Apala embellished with a Turquoise, hand-assembled by us, in our workshops. Time and precision with the key to an authentic metamorphosis.

The link that accompanies our Apala Eye Turquoise is available in many different colors. Perfect p to best match your stone to its link and bring out the sparkle of its Turquoise.


Apala molded in Silver 925 with its solid nylon tie , real boat cord.

Unisex, available in Men and Women sizes.

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Beneficial and virtuous.

If this mineral stone has fascinated so much and still arouses so much interest, it is above all because it contains beneficial and protective properties, in particular for the body and the mind. A disposition to do good and to reject evil.

Virtues and properties of Turquoise in lithotherapy:

  • Stimulates the heart
  • Eliminate negative thoughts
  • Helps reduce migraines
  • Purifies body fluids
  • Promotes communication
  • Fight against excess
  • Support for a restful sleep