<transcy>Little Manila Bracelet - Classic Green</transcy>

Little Manila Bracelet - Classic Green

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Petite Manila Bracelet - Classic Green.

Bottle green, English ... adopt the green attitude!

Bracelet imagined from a shackle. From the marine world, this small stirrup-shaped piece is initially used to connect the ropes used by sailors and oyster farmers in the Arcachon Bay.

Brass and gold-plated shackle with its green boat cord (nylon) tie. Chic and very easy to match with its accessories. Both for young and old.

Our bracelets are assembled by hand in our workshops (between Bordeaux and Porte La Teste) and made in France with French products. Be careful, our shackle is a gem. It is molded in a Marseille foundry and does not screw down like the stainless steel shackles found in the fittings manufacturer.

Exists in several colors and available in different sizes.