<transcy>Silver Spoon Bracelet - Electric Blue</transcy>

Silver Spoon Bracelet - Electric Blue

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Small Spoon Bracelet Silver 925 - Classic Electric Blue

NEW - Latest creation from François La Manille workshops

A Fishing Spoon re-visited as a jewel and more precisely as a medal ...

The spoon (which comes from a spoon) is a lure used for trolling or reel fishing in rivers or at sea. The purpose of a spoon is to imitate the behavior of a fish swimming in water for another predatory fish to try to swallow it ...

Our Spoon bracelet is available :

- in Silver 925

- 2 variations: Large and Small Spoon

- in 3 sizes S / M / L: Child / Woman / Man

- with different colors of resistant solid cords (real boat cords).