<transcy>Silver Elongated Manila Bracelet - Blue Braid</transcy>

Silver Elongated Manila Bracelet - Blue Braid

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Elongated Silver Manila Bracelet - Blue Braid

Creations inspired by the sea and travel.

Bracelet easy to wear, alone or with other accessories such as your watch or in accumulation with different bracelets.

Accessory imagined from a shackle, from the marine world and carabiners. Small part in the shape of a stirrup which is used initially on the ports to tie the ropes.

Manufactured and assembled in France, in Bordeaux and at the port of La Teste, on the Arcachon basin.

Fixed shackle, molded, in 925 silver.

Braided cotton tie, the link of the origins. The one it all started with. A variation of the FLM version of the striped sweater. Silver beaded finishes.