<transcy>Petite Manille Bracelet - Natural Chesterfield Leather</transcy>

Petite Manille Bracelet - Natural Chesterfield Leather

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Petite Manille Bracelet - Natural Chesterfield Leather

The authentic.

A good basic, classic g rand of the house, easy to wear every day alone or with others.

Unisex bracelet, for the whole family, available in 3 link sizes:

Man, Woman and Child.

Shackle available in Silver 925 or gold plated brass.

Natural leather tie . To wear without moderation. Just beware of baths and showers which can alter the color and appearance of the product more quickly. For some it is a real "plus product" because over time, natural leather is a material that patina. This patina varies depending on the people who wear this bracelet. In the end, a unique accessory that looks like its owner.

PLEASE NOTE that thanks to its sliding knots, this bracelet is easy to remove and put back on.