<transcy>Silver Elongated Manila Bracelet - Club Tie - Red Tartan</transcy>

Silver Elongated Manila Bracelet - Club Tie - Red Tartan

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Elongated Manila Bracelet Silver 925 - Club Tie - Red Tartan


The Cravate Club collection is inspired by very selective Anglo-Saxon circles. Initially for gentlemen only but in the end, large or small, this is the perfect unisex bracelet. With a grandfather a tailor and with his experience in the world of textiles, François is revisiting the codes of the Cigare Club this season. He created a collection with materials borrowed from ties, Oxford shirts and other Chesterfield-style leathers.

Mix your bracelets at will.

Each bracelet from this collection lends itself, as is somewhat characteristic of FLM products, to accumulation and mixing. It's up to you to find your ideal composition of FLM bracelets.


François La Manille bracelets are hand assembled and made in France. They are imagined from a shackle. A snap hook from the marine world, the shackle is a small part in the shape of a stirrup which is used initially on boats to connect ropes. It was at the port of La Teste, on the Arcachon basin, that François discovered the shackle often used by oyster farmers and local fishermen.