François La Manille - FLM

Since 2013, François Pringuey, creator of the François La Manille brand, creates and manufactures jewelry inspired by the sea and travel. At the pioneering time (in 2013), this graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux embarked on the trend of marine bracelets for men by creating products around the shackle (element used among other things for mooring boats ).

François La Manille is today known for his original and quality creations, molded in 925 silver. Based in the South West of France, in Bordeaux and at the port of La Teste, on the Arcachon Basin, the brand initially developed bracelets dedicated only to men. Over time, the range evolved to become unisex and even today extends to the whole family. Currently, it no longer includes only shackles and bracelets. Rings, bangles and necklaces have come to expand the offer.

François La Manille, these are therefore classic and timeless jewels, entirely made in France, as moreover the majority of the products necessary for the realization and the marketing (of the manila, with the pearls and cords, while passing by the packaging).

In summary, originality, uniqueness, authenticity, quality, timelessness, handcrafted and made in France jewelry make François La Manille jewelry creations that we appreciate and that we never leave. Jewels of character, which over time become real distinctive signs for those who wear them.