François La Manille is a 100% French jewelry brand , created in 2013 by François Pringuey .

After studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux , Francois works, experiments and oscillates between the world of art, the media and la mode.

It is only when he responds to an order launched by a woman's jewelry company, that this multidisciplinary artist is struck by the click of creation.
He is offered to think about a new idea and he already has one: a range of bracelets for men.
A pioneer in this field, he sees there a potential to be developed both at the creative and commercial level.
The supply of male accessories, and more precisely male jewelry is, at this time, poor, not to say almost non-existent.
The idea is good and a hit. He will imagine several collections and lines for this brand.

Hyperactive and on the strength of this successful experience, François quickly and naturally set out on his own by imagining bracelets inspired by the sea and travel : shackles , small pieces in the shape of stirrups or marine carabiners that he designs, and assembles with braided cords.
Products in 925 silver, his favorite material, he rides each piece of jewelry by hand in its own workshops in Bordeaux or on the Bassin d'Arcachon .
In its haven of peace that is oyster port of La Teste - surrounded by its boats, with its fishermen and all its fittings - he draws his inspiration.
From his many trips and encounters, he nourishes just as much his imagination.

His deep desire is to offer an FLM style and the FLM style is to superimpose and accumulate his models between them or with a watch or other jewelry, because François is not jealous!

Very quickly and as a matter of course, these creations, initially for men, seduce the women who adopt them.
More than a jewel, the manila becomes a timeless unisex accessory .

For 7 years now that the FLM jewelry have existed, the collections have multiplied and enriched with new models.
François has declined and revisited his endless favorite piece: the gold shackle made its entry with flying colors, the double ring no longer has a reputation to do, the rings are almost tearing off your finger and the necklace has just arrived.
And because nothing stops him, François also offers the Apala , a small part initially used to hold the line on the fishing rod, which has taken on a pivotal place in its range of products.

And with children's sizes, its creations now extend to the whole family.

More than simple jewels, François La Manille it is a real story which is inscribed in time, as well as on our wrists. In the end, an adventure both personal and collective that François has surely not finished telling us.